Autosock Tire Cover To Get Going On Ice And Snow

Autosock fabric tire covers work like chains only without the hassle of putting on chains. I know the problems with chains and installing them and I bet you do too. I have many times in the past used chains on occasion and what a joke they are. They work fine once you get them on but after a few times using them they rust and become hard to deal with. When you find you need them they are sometimes hooked together and hard to separate or you lost the rubber band that you need to mount them.

With theAutosock system, I noticed in a Readers Digest, you store them in a pouch and it doesn’t take much space. They fold up like an envelope and you tuck them in the bag. To install them you attach the top section fitting it over the tire then drive the car forward a little to finish put the rest on. They website has a video to show you how to do it. I will link you to the video here. No catalog at this time.

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