Ballard Design Catalog

Ballard Design have a really great catalog. Helen Ballard started Ballard Design in 1982. This was after hundreds of people saw her condominium on in Magazine Home. People wanted to know about getting furnishings like hers. The first issue of her catalog was published in 1983, a two-page, black-and-white brochure. Her featured item was a table found in her own home.

Ballard Designs is one of the finest mail-order sources for home furnishings and accents. You can get a color catalog monthly. Researching this company ,I found really great furnishings and accessories. They carry furniture for every room, rugs, furniture pads, many lighting options, items for the wall such as clocks and mirrors, accessories for every room in the house, table products like linens and silverware, You can also order special made itemsĀ  and sale items.

Ballard Design is a great place to shop. Their many fine products will make redecorating ideas into reality. I think you could do your whole house over from this site. There is a chance you could have an award winning home. So, why not drop them a quick catalog request and have on in the mail soon.

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