Burpee Seed Catalogs

The Burpee Seed Co. catalogs were first introduced back in 1915. There catalogues have been in the hands of millions of gardeners since then. Burpee has a long standing reputation for it’s seeds. Burpee guarantees all products in the catalogue to the full amount of the purchase price. They provide refund your money or provide a  replacement, anytime within a year if you are not satisfied.

They have everything from annual, perennial flowers, herbs, flower bulbs, vegetables, seed starting items, garden supplies. Now is the time for most sections of the country to plant. In the north were I live it’s anytime after Memorial day. Seeds can be started earlier in a hot house or covered box. As you know the seed take time to germinate.

There is nothing like fresh vegetables or herbs from a garden. I enjoy gardening myself. I have planted something every year. Watching things grow and keeping them healthy is always a fun challenge. I enjoy buying vegetables and fruit fresh from anyone selling at a farmer’s market or roadside stand. But, there is nothing like going outside and picking it right out of your own garden.

Let’s get those finger nails dirty get a Burpee Catalog click here

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