Cape Cod Cupola Co. Inc. Catalog

Cape Cod Cupola has been around for since 1939. On State Road in North Dartmouth, Ma.  Cupolas have been around a long time either providing light into a building or home. Sometimes they are used for look-out purposes. Many barns have them for ventilation.

The definition of a cupola, according to my Random House College Dictionary reads as follows:
cu·po·la (kyou’ puh luh), noun 1. Archit. a.A light structure on a dome or roof, serving as a belfry, lantern, or belvedere.  b. a dome, esp. one covering a circular or polygonal area.  2.any of various domelike structures.  3. Foundry. a vertical furnace for melting iron to be cast. [< It < L cupula, see CUP (from Latin, meaning tub or cask) + ULE. (from Latin, meaning small)]

The use now is for decorating the roof of houses. At Cape Cod Cupola you will find many varieties to choose from. You can order a colorful catalog ( $5.00) by calling 508-994-2119. Or visit thier website at:

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