Highlights For Children Spring Issue And Toy Catalog

Highlights for Children catalog is a great magazine. Just loaded with things to do. When the kids get bored with nothing to do these books will come in handy. The copy I have here has those ” What’s wrong pictures” and many stories and projects to do. They even have a lessons on how to play the spoons. Now that is an old craft.

I also have a copy of the latest toy catalog. That is full of wonderful toys. Many of them I’m sure would keep a child busy for a long time. My grand-daughters just love looking at the book. They have robots to build, Erector Sets ( Yes, they still make them ) hey how about your own flying saucer that really flies, a great set of spin art, and a magic set. The list goes on and on.

Visit Highlights and send for a catalog and see for yourself what they have to offer. My children are all grown and married but when they were young we bought them Highlights. It has been around for over 60 years it has to be good. It’s a real good magazine and you won’t be sorry. Click the link above and go right to their website.

Highlights For Children


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