Indian Retailer To Offer New Tech Mail Order Catalog

EFYBonanza a new retailer in India with the introduction of a direct mail-order catalogue. The mail-order catalogue is available at portal EFYBonanza is  creating a market for cutting-edge technology products and accessories.

The printed catalogue plus the  publications like ‘Electronics For You’, can reach hundreds of towns and cities across India. They will provide access to tech-savvy customers in Tier-n. The readers will get great information for their money.

EFYBonanza besides discounts on their products, brands can also link up with EFYBonanza for sampling or lead generation. Customers only need to work with a single party. Giving assurances that the buyers that their payments will be released to the proper vendor only after they have received the product or else refunded. Warranties  are backed by the vendors, who may either be manufacturers, channel-partners or importers.




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