L.L. Bean Traveler Catalog Fall 2007 – Luggage & Clothing

I love L.L. Bean catalogs!  This particular one features all items good for traveling.  So, besides their wonderful and sylish apparel they have all sorts of travel items.  You will find many styles of luggage (both large and small pieces), as well as healthy back bags for carrying everyday items.  These bags sure beat carrying a pocketbook, handbag, or purse.  They leave both your hands free and take stress off your back, neck, and shoulders.  The healthy back bag was designed by chiropractors.

You will also find items such as watches, a waterproof digital camera, polarized bifocal sunglasses in various magnifications (a unique non-prescription invention), an all-weather alert radio, flashlights that work by cranking, binoculars, luggage tags and handle wraps.

The clothing shown in this catalog is of the L.L. Bean undeniable great quality and wearability.  The clothing is sturdy and made to stand up for travel and active use.  You’ll find featured in this catalog men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, outerwear, swimsuits, and even some beautiful cashmere sweaters starting at $79.00. 

Contact L.L. Bean at 800-221-4221 or www.llbean.com

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