Mail Order Rock-it Creations Online Catalog – Pet Headstones

Rock-it online catalog are among the most facinating items I have ever seen by far.Rock-it picks the best stones from the rivers and stone quarries around. Being stone they all have their own personality and colors. The stones are then personalized for you by their craftspeople.The engravings are according to your specifications.

I can see a hundreds of uses for a product like this. They would be wonderful grave markers for your beloved pet. Pet headstones have become a great final tribute  along with pet memorials to a dear family friend. Maybe a stones for your garden marking plant locations, A great paperweight gift for someone in the office, very nice teachers gift, added touch to a plant pot, and I’m sure you can come up with many more.

The prices are very reasonable considering the amount of work it takes from selecting rocks in rivers and quarries to the final carving and shipping. For a small rock carved in standard carving it’s $18.00 and in custom carving it’s $36.00 ( on sale as I write this for $32.00). They go all the way to a 11″-16″ rock for $115.00 for standard carving to $182.00 for custom carving. There are prices and sizes in-between.

This company has a great product and it may just be of interest to you. Their catalogs are free and you just may find that one of their stones could add a special touch. Below I have added a link for you to visit Rock-it Creations. You can also visit them online.

Rock-it Creations.

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