Quality Information Online

As part of this website I will add from time to time websites that I find help in some fashion. Not everyone knows which sites are good. So, as a community service ( so to speak )when I come across good and helpful websites I will send them onto you.  🙂

It has been a long time since I have been using the Internet and I have found in my quest a few great sites. To start out with you need a search site such as my favorites Google and Yahoo. Many more like MSN, DogPile and Ask are also very good. I use Yahoo because I have a Yahoo email address. So, I made Yahoo my homepage.  Easy to use and a quick jaunt to my email.

As far as the sites I visit everyday I enjoy a few. For some great recipes I use Chef2Chef many times. It is a quality site with many fantastic recipes and many more pages of wonderful food related items. I read my old hometown newspaper everyday which is great to keep up on news. Before moving here to Minneapolis I lived in New Bedford, Ma. So, I like staying in touch by reading the Standard-Times.  I get my local paper Star-Tribune delivered.

Going back to the email subject I find that I get tons of junk email. Many are from friends that pass on what they think are helpful tips. More times then not those kind of email are bogus. You know the kind I mean ” Pass this on to 20 people or you will face tragedy” or send this to 40 people and your wish will come true. So, when I think it is phony I check it out at Truth Or Fiction. They have most of the email that are circulating and you can see if it is true or not. There is a few that do the same thing such as Snopes and Purportal. Don’t get duped by some of these emails. Check all your questionable emails.

A fun and a great site to buy a variety of items at a good price of course is eBay. The auction part of it makes it exciting. Plus what a unique way to sell unused items and for the shopper a neat way to find something you have been looking for. Everything from houses to pins. I myself have not used their services but I have people close to me who use it all the time. My Daughter-in-law sells all of our grand-daughters old and outgrown clothing and toys on eBay.

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