Robert’s American Gourmet Snacks

Robert’s Gourmet Snacks were developed to be able to feed healthy snacks to his children. They blended oat bran with potato chips before oat bran was a known to lower cholesterol. After much feedback from consumers they went to work to develop other snacks.

They have a great line of products that include baked snacks, fried snacks and air-popped snacks. I myself have bought most of the types and really enjoy the Tings. I hope they never retire these.  It is a wonderful combination of  Corn Meal, Rice and/or Sunflower Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Salt.  One ounce of the product has 150 calories with just 18 carbs.

The pirate’s swords with white cheddar are also very good. This is a light snack great to munch while watching the tube.  I just found them recently in the Minneapolis area were  I live. We heard about them through a friend out east. If you cannot find them in a store near you visit their website at:

I have been asked ” Why did you write about this company don’t you know they have had problems with some of their products”. I tell those people they had a problem in the past but unlike a lot of companies they are taking responsibility for it and are working to help the people that got sick. I buy their products and I’m not afraid to eat them.



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