Vermont Country Store Catalog Online Request

The Vermont Country Store has a great catalog. Why not look through a different type of catalog. They have two stores one in Weston and one in Rockingham, Vermont. These charming stores are like a look back in time. Using the basic principles of old fashion business practices they have been around since 1945.They offer a free catalog but there is nothing like a visit to their store. I can imagine being a kid again in that store.

They carry items such as personal grooming, apparel, bedding, bath items, Food, candy, housewares, toys, games, even shoes. I especially find the apple brandy cake interesting. I got to get one of those. I noticed Fizzes that I haven’t seem in years. The thing is it has changes they added vitamin C to it. This will add a needed vitamin to your children’s health. The list of products goes on forever. So, I’m sure you will find something that catches your eye as well.

I have put a link to their catalog below. I receive their catalog all the time and find them just fascinating. I can hardly wait for the next one in the mail. I have purchased a few items for them and I have never been disappointed. Why not get one they are free and just full of great items. If you like ordering online that is simple and as much fun.

Vermont Catalog

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